This is very cool!

I’m going to put you on the top of the list, which upside-down for most lists like this. I’m doing it this way because I want you to remember this:

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Be proud of your training heritage and work hard to emulate these!

Imagine your picture here!

You learned mainly from:

Oviatt Sensei

I learned from these incredible teachers. The center column is our primary training tree.

Troy Price, Kyoshi (Shuri-ryu Karate-do, Shuri-te Jujutsu)
Ridgely Abele, Hanshi (Shuri-ryu Karate-do) who studied under
* Robert Trias, Founder of Shuri-ryu karate … who, interestingly, studied with a student of Motobu Choki (among others) who also taught him some … Xing Yi Quan.

Darren Myers, Hanshi
Kuniba Shogo, Soke. Namesake of Kuniba Kai (Soke Kuniba studied under both of the next two sensei, among many others.)
* bMotobu Choki, Sensei
* Mabuni Kenwa, Ryuso (founder of Shitoryu). Mabuni Sensei studied under the next two sensei primarily.
* Itosu Anko, Sensei (Shuri-te)
* Higaonna Kanryo, Sensei (Naha-te)
Paul Cote, Kyoshi (Chinese Internal Arts) who studied under:

Robert W. Smith (unpictured & deceased)

Kyoshi Cote also studies under

Zhang Yun (not pictured) who studied under …

Wang Peisheng (not pictured)

This is a list of other instructors that I work with.

I actively work with:

Adam Cave, Renshi (Oyakata Kobujutsu)

I don’t work with these as frequently, though they are important.

Lewis Estes, Hanshi (Kuniba Kai)
Tim Click, Kyoshi (Kuniba Kai)
Kevin Gurganus, Kyoshi (Kuniba Kai)

Lynn Kureth, Shihan (Kuniba Kai – no picture at the moment)

Jeff Bedard, Shihan (WSKF)

Sato Shoko, Kyoshi (WSKF, not pictured at the moment)

Iwata, Manzo, Sensei (not pictured)

Mabuni, Kenwa (Ryuso, Shitoryu (pictured above) … Yes. The lines merge).

Note: All pictures were either my own, sent to me by my teachers or the instructors themselves, or (if marked with an *) drawn from Wikipedia.