Chinese Internal Arts

This content is appropriate for green belts and above. Join in class to learn about application!

Qigong (氣功), according to is “a system of deep breathing exercises.”

I personally like 基本功 (jīběngōng … the characters will link you to the dictionary page) better. It translates to “foundational skills” or something along that line. Some are fans of the meditative quality of qigong exercise. Personally I just enjoy the movement and trying to decypher the application. ?

This is the primary segment of the linking form. For the complete for come to class! ?

Cue up some an inspirational instrumental (there’s no sound) and just copy! …
And breathe! Make sure your rear hand follows your lead elbow!

This file is for those that are already familiar with the basic bagua movements. You can find the movements broken down below.

This video highlights a karate skill, but it’s very similar. I thought you might enjoy it. I suppose that I should title it kikou (気功 【きこう】) though, which is the Japanese equivelant of qigong. (

Inhale as you circle the arms. Exhale as you press forward.