Beginner Kata

This page will stay populated with beginner kata even after the COVID closures. However, part of learning karate is learning how to absorb the content during class & practice outside of class.

Goho no Uke

This is our base kata. It is performed mirror image so students can perform it as though they were looking in a mirror.

This kata is NOT recorded in mirror fashion. Students will need to start with their left hand & foot. If switching it around in your head is a little confusing, try placing a mirror opposite your screen & watch the recording, practicing at a 90 degree angle to the screen (I like left side toward the screen), or practicing each side separately and then putting it together later.

Goho no Uke Ni

This is the second Goho no Uke kata. Technically it’s a green belt kata, but we often teach it to beginners because it’s different … but it’s the same.

This is NOT mirrored. If you have practice mirrored, it’s okay. Once you have the sequence down remember to start with a left downward block (stepping forward).

Pay attention to your step before you turn. You need to step far enough that your stance will the the correct width and length.

I made this kata up many years ago to streamline kihon presentation to beginners & develop better flow from block to punch. I’m sure someone else must have done something similar. There are four more. :oD