About Us

KFMA began offering classes in Kingstowne in June, 2001.
Motobu Ha Shitoryu

The foundation of our program is Motobu Ha Shitoryu.  We operate under the auspices of the Kunba Kai USA. 

We serve members of all ages & experience levels.
Culture Counts

In our community there are a plethora of choices when it comes to martial arts training.  The culture of a club has a profound effect on both young and old students.  Strength and toughness are important to many combative sports, however the atmosphere at clubs that over-emphasize these attributes can have a negative life-influence.  The culture of KFMA classes is one of hard work and mutual respect. 


Our goal is to educate our students so they can reach their fullest potential.
Shihan Oviatt
  • Godan – Motobu Ha Shitoryu, 2015
  • Sandan – Shuri-te Jujutsu, 2015
  • Xue Ren, Yi Duan – Baqua Zhang / Xing Yi Quan, 2019
  • Nidan – TKD, 1996
  • 1990-1997 – “Mixed Arts” training (escrima, Arnis, Jun Fan, kickboxing, etc.) 
  • M.Ed. – UVA, 
  • Lifelong martial arts junkie.
Saturday Offerings
Saturday classes include Youth Karate (this is where students between the ages of 4 and 6 get started), and two adult training options: karate / kobudo and Chinese internal arts. Youth Karate is an opportunity for all of our young karate students to come together, practice to our capacity, and have a little fun with the little guys!

  • 10:20-11:00 – Youth Karate, ages 17 & under
  •  11:05-11:45 – Adult Karate / Kobudo, age 18+
  •  11:50-12:30 – Adult Chinese Internal Arts, age 18+
Supplemental Arts
We have been involved with the Shurite Bujutsu Kai since the beginning.  KFMA students learn aspects of Shuri-te Jujutsu during their regular training.