Kingstowne Family Martial Arts
Serving Kingstowne Since 2001!
COVID 19 Update: 
KFMA “in person” classes remain on hold. We have been advised that Kingstowne is discussing possible reopening at their August meeting.  Further information will be provided as it becomes available. Members should continue to check their email for updated information. 

COVID 19 Closure Online Class Schedule:

5:00 – Adult Chinese Arts – Adults only

Tuesdays & Thursdays

4:30 – Beginner Karate
5:10 – Intermediate Karate
5:50 – Advanced Karate

10:15 – Beginner Karate
11:00 – Kobujitsu – Adults & KFMA Advanced Karate Students
11:45 – Chinese Arts (Green Belts+ & Adults)

Classes For All Ages.
KFMA serves students as young as four and any age above. We move to create healthy bodies and minds regardless of age.            
Classes For All Experience Levels!
KFMA has a place for anyone who wishes to learn.  Classes are available for the brand new trainee or the experienced practitioner.  

Tuesday & Thursday Schedule
Snyder Center
 6450 South Van Dorn Street

The regular schedule is suspended until Kingstowne reopens the facilities.
Saturday Schedule
South Center
6080 Kingstowne Village Parkway

Saturday classes are held at Kingstowne’s South Center. The regular schedule is suspended until Kingstowne reopens the facilities.
6080 Kingstowne Village Parkway Alexandria, VA 22315
Contact Us!

Please note that our program has some residency restrictions.  If you would like more information please send us a note.  We will email or call back as soon as possible.  

Kingstowne, Virginia