Kingstowne Family Martial Arts partnered with the Kingstowne Residential Owner's Corporation in June of 2001.  Since then KFMA has provided Kingstowne residents with quality training in authentic Japanese karatedo as well as Shuri-te Jujutsu, Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan.  Periodic special interest such as escrima, basic taiqi, kickboxing and basic self-defense have been offered as well.

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KFMA is a member of the USA National Karate Federation / USA Karate and Kuniba-Kai International.

Our Mission

Our mission at KFMA is simple:

Oviatt Shihan

KFMA classes are taught by Shihan Brian Oviatt.  Shihan's training began in 1988.  His experiences include:

Notable instructors that Oviatt Shihan has had the opportunity to train with include:

Additional martial arts-related experiences include:

Other related experiences:

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