2- Modified schedule.  Watch for further
28 - Bagua / Xing Yi with Kyoshi Cote


18 - 5:00 class testing


6 - Modified schedule.  Watch for further.
9, 11, & 16 - 6:00 & 7:00 class testing


1 - Dan testing.  Watch for adjusted schedule info.
22 - No class!  Happy Thanksgiving!


25 & 27 - No class - Merry Christmas!
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Testing at KFMA:

Examinations at our club occur during our regular class times.  Whether they are "testing" or not all students are encouraged to attend, get the practice and work out while lending the examinees some energy and assistance as needed.  

Examinees need to arrive at about 4:45 with all of their gear and their handbook.   All groups will wrap up as near to their normal dismissal time as possible.  Students in the 6:00 and 7:00 classes will complete their kumite requirements on the next available class day.  Promotions will be awarded on that day as well barring unforeseen circumstances. 

Student testing for grades below 4th kyu that are unable to attend the exam may ask about private testing options if they would like.  

Learning the martial arts is a journey.

Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts and achievements, and it's easy to get caught up on belts and diplomas.  At KFMA we stress that what is being worn around your waist is not the important thing; nor is whether or not you move along at the same rate as the people around you.  The important things are what you knowwhat you can do and how you treat others.  

Every day you come to class, come a though it's your very first day.  Spend some time practicing your moves outside of class each day (pick one thing and practice it correctly) and let your progress take care of itself. You'll be amazed!