KFMA has served the Kingstowne community of Fairfax County, Virginia since June, 2001.  The foundation of our program is Motobu-ha Shito-ryu Karatedo.  We build strong minds, bodies and spirits through concentrated practice of fundamental karate skills, kata and applied movement.  Our program strives to train the individual to utilize relaxed, balanced movement and power generated from core muscles to create powerful, graceful movement that has practical self-defense value.  Skills covered include framing & posture, footwork, blocking & parrying, striking & kicking, and fundamental grappling.  Skill sets include both individual and group practice.  

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Defensive Arts is relaxed, hands on training.  We're not worried about "belt" tests or competition.  Some of us might be wearing our karate duds, but that's only because we worked out with the prior class.  Content is drawn from a variety of training systems including, but not limited to: karate, jujutsu, bagua zhang, xing yi quan, bagua zhang, xing yi quan and kobudo.

Come check it out on for free!  Wear comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes.  We'll spend about 15 minutes sweating before we get down to business!

For more information or to schedule a guest class contact Brian Oviatt.

Cancellation policy.  

Some clubs follow the public school's cancellation policy. While that's a reasonable guideline, we feel that in such a large district as Fairfax County it doesn't always make sense.   Here's what you need to know regarding what might cause us to cancel class.  Click here for more.
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